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URG Status Alkaline Water Ionizer Products

URG STATUS is the only Indian manufacturer of Ionized Alkaline Water according to the Indian Water Conditions under the Make in India campaign started by Honorable Prime Minister, Mr Narendra Modi.

Our Product

URG 300

    URG STATUS With 3 Titanium Plates


URG 500

    URG STATUS With 5 Titanium Plates


URG 700 Mini

    URG STATUS With 7 Titanium Mini Plates


URG 700

    URG STATUS With 7 Titanium Plates

    Rs. 1,77,000

URG 800

    URG STATUS With 8 Titanium Plates


URG 900

    URG STATUS With 9 Titanium Plates

    Rs. 2,30,000

URG 1100

    URG STATUS With 11 Titanium Plates