FAQs - Alkaline Water URG Status

a Complete Know How about URG Status's Alkaline Water Ionizer

Alkaline Water URG Status is a technology initiated in Japan by the name of Kangen Water.

We can find a lot of Imported Alkaline Water Ionizers in India. Since these Water URG Status are developed according to the foreign water conditions they aren’t successful in India.

Icpure is the only Indian manufacturer of Alkaline Water URG Status according to the Indian Water Conditions under the Make in India campaign started by Honorable Prime Minister, Mr Narender Modi.

Having the access to technical Know How of Alkaline Water URG Status, Icpure provides Award Winning After Sales Service to you throughout India.

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The lower limit for IcPure water intake is eight to ten litre of water. However the more water you drink, the more will it be beneficial for you.

Yes. Alkaline Water Ionizer by URG Status gives you 5 types of Water.

  • Neutral Ionized water is recommended for infants 
  • Pregnant Women and elderly people can drink low alkaline ionized water i.e. recommended drinking water

Every time we breathe in air, 2% of the oxygen that enters our bodies turns into free radicals in other words we call them OXIDANTS.

These Oxidants can be converted into good oxygen if we give it an electric charge by making the water Anti-Oxidant. Incase our body is lack of Anti-Oxidants, our body extracts them from our body cells and tissues making our immune weak.

An industrialized lifestyle tends to raise oxidation levels due to poor diet, pollution, stress, etc.

With the aging process, our body requires more antioxidants due to fewer production of antioxidant enzymes

It is difficult for human body to generate energy by processing the food we eat in an oxidized (+ve High ORP) condition

The antioxidant charge (-ve ORP) of Ionized water helps metabolism to convert fat into energy by reducing the level of oxidation in the body by converting food into energy, instead of being stored as fat in our body.

However, the body never loses fat deposits unless we burn more calories than we consume.

You’ll start noticing the improvements in your body right from the start. For Example:

  • Acidity: You’ll get instant relief in acidity right from the first glass of water you drink. (Within 5 Seconds)
  • Drowsiness: Within a couple of days you’ll start feeling more active
  • Major Health Benefits: Major health benefits like cholesterol, diabetes, kidney stones, cancer, etc will take upto 3 months of time to showcase the results

NOTE: The results may vary from person to person

No!!!  Alkaline water has large quantities of minerals dissolved in it, and it does not normally have an negative charged electron or contain Oxidation Reduction Potential. Only “ionised alkaline” water has an antioxidant negative charged electron and have naturally dissolved Oxidation Reduction Potential. The element that helps us to selectively eliminate harmful free radicals from our body is Molecular -ve ORP. This Molecular -ve ORP is present in high volumes in ICYPURE Water (upto 1,575 Parts Per Billion of Dissolved Particles) and is also visible through naked eye.

Alkaline Ionized water maintains its antioxidant properties (-ve ORP) for up to eight hours and then starts reducing 10% after every 2 hours, although it can be stored indefinitely in a hermetically sealed glass bottle, filling it completely (upto the brim) without an air chamber.